Online Checkout - In Real Life

Poor "nick4ever". All he wants to do is buy a loaf of bread from the supermarket, but the store's policies and procedures get in the way of him accomplishing this seemingly simple task! What appears to be a completely absurd situation is actually something that many online shoppers have to deal with on a regular basis. Some online stores have less-than-user-friendly steps that need to be completed for the customer to make a purchase. When visitors get frustrated, they leave the site and go find another place to make their purchase. Making it easy for your customers to complete a task on your site (like buying a product) is extremely important because, unlike in the real world, going to a competitor's shop is only a click away!

Imagine you are the manager of this brick-and-mortar supermarket and, as you are walking around the store, you see the scenario unfold that is depicted in this video. Hopefully, you would do something to fix this and make the shopping experience better for your customers. When managing an online shop, it isn't possible to walk around and observe your visitors to find out where they are running into trouble. Instead, you can use a free tool like Google Analytics to learn about where your customers are having problems using your site. Here are a few tips on how to set-up Google Analytics to get better visibility into where your site could be improved

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